Principles of the Procedure

This procedure is performed to remove the foreskin (the flap of skin that covers the end of the penis) from the penis. It is usually indicated in patients who have difficulty with foreskin retraction (phimosis) or who are having recurrent skin problems with the underlying glans penis (balanitis).

Pre-Operative Preparation

You will be admitted the day of the procedure. No other specific preparation is needed apart from fasting about 6 hours prior to the surgery. You should continue to take your usual medications unless directed otherwise by your Urologist or his anaesthetist. Please inform us if you are taking any anticoagulant (blood thinning) medication.

Expected Post-Operative Recovery

The circumcision is done as a day procedure; you will be able to go home a few hours after waking up from the anaesthetic. You may have a bandage dressing around the penis when you wake up to reduce any swelling. This is usually able to be removed by yourself the following day. Your urologist will discuss with you whether you need to dress the underlying wound with antibiotic cream or not after this bandage is taken down at home. A small discharge is sometimes seen along the suture line, especially on the undersurface, as things heal up.




Change in appearance of penis

Changes in glanular sensation

Recurrence of phimosis (overweight patients)