Principles of the Procedure

This procedure is performed to manage a large fluid collection in the scrotum, surrounding the testis. Hydroceles form when the natural balance of fluid formation and absorption becomes imbalanced, with a gradual accumulation of fluid. The surgery entails removing as much of the fluid forming surface as possible and suturing the area to minimise recurrence of the hydrocele.


Pre-Operative Preparation

You will be admitted the day of the procedure. No other specific preparation is needed apart from fasting  for about 6 hours prior to the surgery. You should continue to take your usual medications unless directed otherwise by your Urologist or his anaesthetist. Please inform us if you are taking any anticoagulant (blood thinning) medication.

Expected Post-Operative Recovery

The hydrocele repair is usually performed as a day procedure. Occasionally with very large hydroceles, an overnight stay is required. Initially the scrotal size will be reduced, with removal of the hydrocele fluid with the repair. It is common at about the 2 week mark after the surgery to have a degree of general tissue swelling, with the appearance of the hydrocele returning. This then settles down by the 6 week mark. Occasionally a reactive fluid collection may accumulate (not the hydrocele returning) which may need draining in this time period. A general thickening of the of the scrotal tissues may be present, which slowly reduces over a few months following the surgery.

Risks - as per your discussion with your Urologist



Fluid recurrence needing aspiration

Testicular injury

Hydrocele recurrence