Principles of the Procedure

This procedure is done to gain tissue from the prostate, usually for investigation of an elevated PSA blood test.

An ultrasound is placed in the rectum to visualise the prostate and, under ultrasound guidance, a number of needle biopsies are taken. This is usually performed under sedation, so you are unlikely to have any recollection of the event.


Pre-operative Preparation

You will be admitted on the day of the procedure. No specific preparation is needed apart from fasting from about 6 hours prior to the surgery. An antibiotic course is commonly prescribed, usually commencing the morning of the biopsy. You should continue to take your usual medications unless directed otherwise by your Urologist or his anaesthetist.


Expected Post-Operative Recovery

You will be able to go home on the same day of the procedure, though if you had sedation, you will need to have someone transport you home. You will be given a prescription usually for a 3 day oral antibiotics starting the morning of the procedure to reduce the risk of infection. It is important to complete this course even if you have no symptoms.

Passing blood in your urine, ejaculate or bowel motions in the days following the procedure is a common event, and should be expected. This usually settles (if it occurs) within a few days.


Risks – as per your discussion with your Urologist


Urinary retention (1/100)

Severe infection, requiring re-admission (1/100)

Perineal pain

False negative biopsy

Sedation risks